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Election Commission nullifies 2014 Lok Sabha election and declares Exit Polls as final result

19, May 2014 By manithan

New Delhi: The day of counting, May 16, started with too much of zeal and tension in the air. The counting centers were swarming with election officials, news channels and policemen. It was around 10 am, few hours into the counting, the order came from Election Commission and was e-mailed to all officials in their counting centres stationed across India. The order sent shock waves among the politicians and common people alike. But BJP allied NDA had its laugh after reading the order.

The order from Election Commission is this, “The nine phases of 2014 Lok Sabha elections that happened from April first week to May 12 will be nullified and all the EVMs that were used for voting to be sent for Rahul Gandhi, who will be repairing them playing with them in some undisclosed location. And, as per the Exit polls, political party which leads the Exit polls will be called to form the cabinet and the PM nominee of that party can then take oath as PM. This measure was taken with the security concerns and alleged forgeries that are surrounding the counting sessions. Also, since news channels believe a lot in Exit polls and sit for hours chatting on it, we have decided to go with their judgement, which is even higher than the Supreme Court. “

Immediately, after the order was published, it was copied and sent to all journalists and political party headquarters. Counting centers were closed and all EVMs were taken to lorries and buses to be transported to Rahul. Arnab Goswami who was waiting awake from 6 AM in his Times Now studio suffered anxiety attack because he was planning to shout all through the day and now his inbuilt tension did not find escape route.

BJP immediately called their allies and raced to Delhi with their PM nominee Narendra Modi coronated as the Prime Minister in a few hours. Arun Jaitley thanked the media which was the prime reason for Exit polls and wrote a blog praising the role of Indian media in the elections that ended.

But, there was an immediate protest from Aam Aadmi Party. Kejriwal shouted to the protest crowd that, “There is big conspiracy by Bharatiya Janata Party in this Election Commission’s order. Also, this Exit polls are corrupt. It was BJP which made their supporters to stand in Arithmetic Progression of 5, and when Hansika Research choose one in 5, they ended up choosing BJP voter. And Election Commission is paid by Adani and they are also Ambani Agents. We will protest till Election Commission declares AAP as the leading party in India.”

Though the news channels were disappointed with the counting stopped, they rejoiced at the fact that their projections decided the fate of country. One of the reporter, on condition of anonymity, said, “We spend a lot of time in making these projections. We spend a lot of time discussing this charts for weeks continuously and then the poll results come out completely different. Do we look like a bunch of jokers? With this social media, our projections are compared with real results and ripped by bhakts and bots. I’m happy that Election Commission honoured our hardwork”