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I am eagerly waiting for Ram Rahim: Asaram Bapu

30, Aug 2017 By AdityaSachan

As court sentenced 20 years of imprisonment to Ram Rahim, the Dera Chief. His followers are in grief. But this news brings happiness to few. Asaram Bapu, who was sentenced Jail for similar case is surprisingly quiet happy.

Will rock it together
Will rock it together

“Finally our supreme leader will have a person of his stature as companion. I am sure something very magical will happen when both come together”, says Asaram follower.

“Supreme leader, Asaram is big fan of MSG movies, and watches the amazing cinematic experience everyday. We just wait if they will come up with Part 3 of the series. Asaram and Ram Rahim can team up as father-son duo to create ultimate bad-ass movie.”, says another follower.

There are gossips of possible Part 3 for MSG, since Ram Rahim movies has been inspired by Christopher Nolan Dark Knight series.

“Both Ram Rahim and Asaram are great human beings. I wish they soon come up with web series of “Jail Talks” like “TED Talks”. And inspire all people around the world who go to jail or wish to.”, a avid follower commented.