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Drones to deliver beer to people stuck in traffic

10, Dec 2013 By chaturchaalaak

Bangalore : India is never too far when it comes to technological advancements. When the world was busy talking about Amazon’s 30 minute delivery drone, on the other side of the planet, an ex-Amazing employee was busy constructing a noble marvel.

Tired of getting stuck in the traffic while heading to his favorite watering hole, Rumesh’s eureka moment happened when he was stuck at Silk Board signal on Saturday evening for 01:27:55 ( yes, he was too vella to use a stop watch), he realized that he won’t be able to quench his booze-thirst as everything shuts down in Bangalore by 11 PM.

This wasn’t the first instance of this sort but things got out of hand when his friends threatened to disown him for staying on the other side of Silk Board signal. Rumesh was determined to find a solution to this problem as his rented flat’s security deposit was stuck with the owner.

As Rumesh narrates, that night he went home and saw 3 Idiots 2^6 times, just that part where they fiddle with the drone with CCTV camera. He started from scratch( as it had been 3 days since he took a bath). He was finally ready with a working model by Monday afternoon.

Proudly showing off his drone which he calls Drone-a-charya ( never misses a  delivery) he said, ” This is going to be the way people consume beer, going by conservative estimates, beer sales will rise by 330% over the next five years, if more such drones are deployed”. He added, ” We have got clearance from the authorities, they were impressed when our drone could easily identify Mantriji’s helicopter and delivered Chilled Beer to Mantriji”.

A test run was done under testing conditions at Kundanahalli, Bangalore and at Sakinaka Junction, Mumbai. The drone is smart enough to deliver beer only to the passengers and not to the driver, if the driver tries to snatch beer, the drone starts playing Rahul Gandhi’s recent speech at full volume.

The other features of this service are – No COD ( the company knows people won’t pay up); if the drone is not let out in the open within 5 mins, it starts playing high-decibel crying baby sound and No, you can’t share your beer with the drone.

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