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Driver misses to stare the driver overtaking him, brawl breaks

05, Apr 2017 By Pankaj Gaur

Bangalore. The number of road incidents in the city keeps escalating every day as the morale of people continues to degrade by everlasting traffic problems. In yet another incident, two cab drivers were involved in a violent brawl after one of them was offended by other’s indecent road decorum.

The episode took place at the busy Sony junction around 11 in the morning when one of the cab drivers overtook another. Says Ramesh, one of the involved drivers, “I had been trailing the white Dzire for last 15 minutes. I kept honking but he wouldn’t give the pass. Finally I knocked down one of the advertising boards and created space to overtake him”. As the driver overtook the other car, he gazed expectantly at the other driver, hoping to receive a firm angry stare. However there was none as the other driver continued minding his business.

The legend driver
The legend driver

Ramesh states that the angry stare is a token of appreciation that drivers pass to each other, and sometimes to pedestrians, for their valiant dexterity or naivety on road. “All my hard work and honking fell on deaf hears, literally”, he complains, “So I decided to earn it the other way”. An infuriated Ramesh brought his vehicle to a stop right ahead in the path of Dzire and pulled its driver out.  He challenged the driver for a fist fight, hoping to earn the pending recognition this way.

However the Dzire’s driver states that he had no such malicious motives. He says that he was busy trying to tune his FM and did not notice the passing car. “The traffic was barely moving and so I decided to adjust my radio. Who knew in the meantime I would miss the glorious opportunity to stare at a driver bro!” The driver says he is a firm follower of road decorum and would never intentionally miss the chance to pass a stare of appreciation or disgust. However his innocence claim counted little as the brawl broke out and he had to use his street skills.

The Drivers Association will look into the matter to ensure the tradition of staring has not been overlooked. Another witness, a motorbike enthusiast, claims that the Dzire driver has a habit of depriving people of deserved recognition. He claims that he has slid his bike ahead of the car multiple times but never received a formal acknowledgement.

The Association has also asked for medical records citing the possibility that the driver may have a bad squint.