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Dreaded NaMonia is back in Delhi

06, Nov 2014 By sundarmas

The widely talked NaMonia attack is expected in Delhi. Many tried to contain the NaMonia attack but miserably failed to save their deposits.

Everyone remembers how it devastated during 2014 excluding Tamil Nadu where Mummy effect neutralised NaMonia. Even in the recent attack in Rajasthan it left its mark in the history and made an impact in Maharashtra. It hit very severely wherever corruption is uncontrollable. Looking at the opportunity KejBola is trying to surface once again in some parts of Delhi and promises that it can make better result than of earlier attack.

Dr Harsha was of the view that KejBola cannot surface again as people still remember how it ran out of the city after 49 days. It cannot stand before NaMonia attack. But AAP report says KejBola did a good job including CM. Many think KejBola is a virus but it is a friendly bacteria that helps better health for the country. But people are not convinced and termed it as fungus. Fortunately many who were infected with KejBola is now cured. Agency news says KejBola’s efficiency has come down now and is very much doubtful of an impact again in Delhi.

When we tried to contact Kongo many seniors from Kongo already left or planning to leave. Whoever there is already suffering from NaMonia and eyes filled with fear of KejBola was in no mood to talk about the situation. They are still waiting for the movements of Rahu and prays a good fortune for them. Media frantically expecting Rahu Dasha for some effect. But pundits are saying even in exaltation Rahu cannot make any impact neither on NaMonia nor on KejBola.

People from Delhi are of the view that whatever may be the attack this time we need to unify and fight for our life!

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