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Dr. Abdul Kalam’s original book gets leaked!

02, Jul 2012 By dumb doc

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam has always inspired the youth of this country – be it his revolutionary ideas or his books. But the controversies surrounding his latest book ‘Turning Points’ which is yet to be released, just don’t seem to die down. The rumours accusing the ruling government of censoring his book seem to have been revived once again with the unearthing of an original manuscript of his book. A copy of this uncensored piece somehow found its way into Faking News’ hands and it turns out that the major conspiracy theories doing the rounds were just a tip of the iceberg!

You will be surprised to learn that the original title of the book was supposed to be ‘Burning Minds’ and it had to be changed to ‘Turning Points’ at the behest of the then NDA government who suspected it to be based on the Godhra genocide after Dr. Kalam had expressed his desire to visit the riot-torn state. We will now introduce you to those hitherto unknown facts in his book which were supposed to be gagged by those at the highest echelons of power.

The Tatra scam: By virtue of being the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, Dr. Kalam had the knowledge of those shoddy under the table deals in the army. What was originally supposed to be a purchase of toy trucks for the army personnel’s wards was converted into a scam by the entry of Ravi Rishi who only increased the size of those plastic trucks but inflated the bill by a million fold. It was a win-win situation for both the sides. The middlemen, in collusion with army officers made money and the jawans got new toys to play with.

The Wikileaks and Julian Assange: Dr. Kalam with his futuristic vision was able to spot a gem. Julian Assange, a small time computer systems hacker at that time was for long on Dr. Kalam’s radar. He had planned to collaborate with Assange to launch an Indileaks, an online repository of secretly leaked diplomatic cables to make public the murky deals at the highest centres of power. But the plan had to be shelved after he realized that many of the country’s top politicians and bureaucrats would be indicted for corruption and other malpractices leading to a possible break-down of the constitutional machinery and a repeat of the 1975 emergency.

Saddam Hussein: In a hot pursuit by the American army, Saddam Hussein had desperately offered a life-long supply of free crude oil in exchange for a political sanctuary in India. But Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh in his usual tardy ways, failed to reach a decision. As Dr. Singh kept mum, Uncle Sam dropped the bomb and that was the last of what the world saw of Saddam Hussein.

Black Money: Dr. Kalam had suggested that India enter into a treaty with the offshore tax-havens for an official declaration of the country’s total unaccounted holdings. But some of the country’s top political leaders pressurized him to hold back his views because they needed more time to move their assets to another safer place.

Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh: Dr. Kalam wanted to invoke section 375 of the Indian Penal Code on the prime minister for the rape of nation’s economy but could not do so after being dissuaded by the attorney general who termed the reason as flimsy. Concerned by his falling health, Dr. Kalam had advised Dr. Singh numerous times to get a new spine transplanted into him so as to enable him to take a firm stand. But Dr. Singh always turned it down saying that he was quite comfortable with his existing Italy-made spine. Dr. Kalam even went on to the extent of suggesting Dr. Singh to get his vocal cords exchanged with Mr. Digvijay Singh’s in the best interest of the nation. But his good intentioned advice apparently fell on deaf ears.

The cash-for-vote scam: It was a means used by the ruling government to survive the no confidence motion against it after the nuclear deal with the US fell into rough weather with the opposition and Left-front parties vociferously opposing it. Dr. Kalam knew about the under the table dealings of the government. He had to suppress the facts surrounding the infamous scam from the nation even though it was unethical because he personally believed that the nuclear deal was in the best interest of the nation and a sure-shot energy security for the generations to come.