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Double blow to Corporate Sector: Employee working on Friday, that too wearing Formals instead of Casuals

15, May 2015 By sameer mahawar

Bangalore. Overburdened with his daily work schedule and crunching personal life, a white-collared karamchari forgot to notice that it was Friday, and instead went into office wearing formal dress in place of Business Casuals.

Mr. Kaamchalau Sharma, who works in a consulting company, was the man who made this blunder.

“I thought it was a regular day and work pressure on Friday is similar to that of on normal days for a person who is not at managerial level. So kya Monday, kya Friday, Mujhe koi farak nahi padtaCompany ka k**ta to paancho din bane rehna padta hai,” he said in a sleepy voice.
Workaholic, unaware of Friday, walks into office wearing Formals and working hard

Talking to his wife (who is to be blamed after Kaamchalau’s manager) to find out the reason for such happening, she, protecting her husband’s unintentional mistake, said, “Last night he came at 1 AM from office, slept and woke up and just like every other day, directly went to the office even without having breakfast (and of course without going to loo). It was just like a routine thing for him. Moreover it’s a benefit for me that I have to wash one pair of clothes less.”

This reporter wondered why his wife, who was fed up of zero personal-life of her husband and consistently kept on finding faults, kept her mouth shut this time by not saying to him, “Abbé, aaj to dhang ke kapre daal le suit boot wale naukar.

Mr. Subramuneem, who is Karamchaari’s manager, said, “This guy surprised us when he entered the building. For a moment I thought he has been promoted, but later on I realised that I gave him very poor rating, so there were no chances for him to get promoted even after five years. No doubt he works day and night, but this kind of alcoholic behaviour towards work has made him forget his identity. He needs lessons from his son regarding number of working hours in a day and number of working days in a week.”

His colleagues, who were spotted in a festive mood on Friday, and were dressed in sporty fashion bright colored t-shirts along with chinos, gave him several glares and have started considering him not a part of their ‘inefficient members team’.

Faking News has decided to send a reminder to all corporate employees on Thursday night “Oye, it’s Fridayyyyyy” so that they can wear casuals at least once a week and look young for a change.