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Doctors hit by anti-superstition bill in Karnataka

07, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

The Karnataka government is drafting an anti-superstitions bill to label certain activities as illegal. As per this radical new law, adopting violent methods to cure diseases and promising to provide solution after monetary consideration are not taken well by the doctors of Karnataka.

“The minute we provide the cures for diseases we will have no business! All we do is to promise to cure the diseases for money. How can our CM Mr. Siddaramaiah make such laws? I think he is not a Sidda- but a Moodha-ramaiah!”, said Arjun, an aspiring young doctor from Bangalore Medical College.

“However”, he says, ” the┬ásurgeons are being affected the most. Surgery is nothing but cutting open a part of your body to treat an injury/disease. This encompasses two violations – violent methods since they spill blood of the patient, and more often than, they don’t guarantee the patient will be cured of the disease!”.

As per our latest reports, Karnataka Dentists Association will join the protests soon.