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Doctor finds crack in Lalu Yadav's brain after the earthquake in Bihar

18, May 2015 By Shikhar Nilabh

Patna, Bihar. A horrific incident has come fore after the Bihar’s earthquake as Lalu Yadav was admitted to the state hospital last night. Doctors have found a 6 cm long crack in his right brain. The Initial report says that Lalu has been empty headed for a long time, that may be reason for the crack. Lalu Yadav said that he wasn’t aware of the fact because during the last Lokpal Election Modi had told me “dimaag me bhusa bhara hai“(your brain is filled with straw). The latest report however proves that most of the straw are mysteriously missing from the brain. This can be the first case of fodder scam in medical history.

His wife, Rabri Devi said, “He was behaving strangely after the earthquake. When he said he wanted  to become the Prime Minister in 2019 and take a selfie with Hillary Clinton, I suspected something was wrong. But I took him immediately to the hospital when he proposed to have one more child with me.”

Lalu Prasad Yadav needs to keep his head covered all time in order to save the crack from getting expanded!
Lalu Prasad Yadav needs to keep his head covered all time in order to save the crack from getting expanded!

Ram Kripal Yadav, who used to be a close friend of Lalu Yadav revealed that a doctor had asked him to do something for the grey matter but he heard something else and thrashed doctor for spreading homosexuality. Nitish kumar, his new friend, has suggested him to download luminosity app in his smartphone to recover from his mental condition.

A doctor said, “his condition is severe as his IQ is now even less than his age. His brain had already become weak  due to the shocks from the recent turmoil in his political career. When he was brought to the hospital his brain was showing damage to the level of Kamaal Rashid Khan but after the open brain surgery it has recovered to the level of Arindum Chaudhuri. Taking rest from politics for some days will improve his condition as well as condition of all other Bihari.

His children have swarmed into the hospital to see their father. Lalu was delighted to find out that the  intensity of the earthquake was less than the number of his children present. Though one doctor said that the children are not earthquake resistant  and can crack anday.

Rumors has it that Lalu Yadav may quit politics but a member of RJD claimed “the damage in the right brain of Lalu Yadav is not a problem as we are left oriented”. Lalu Yadav after coming out from surgery said, “the performance of doctor is mind blowing. Now I will change the politics of Bihar with an open mind.”