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Divorce Lawyer cites Deepika's "My Choice" video in court to justify man's extramarital sex

30, Mar 2015 By Akash

New Delhi:  No one has ever imagined that an ad campaign for women empowerment would help a man in defending himself for having a extramarital sex in a court trial for divorce. Smita Dixit, self claimed feminist, had filed a divorce from his husband Mr. Randeep in last November , accusing him of having an extramarital affair. She had also claimed in her report that Randeep had many sexual partners earlier.

Deepika as appeared in My Choice video, shared by Smita
Deepika as appeared in “My Choice” video, shared by Smita

Reportedly, till last Friday, she had an edge over his husband and was about to make big bucks by the alimony she was about to fetch. But then this video featuring  Deepika Padukone and few unknown feminists named “My Choice” by Vogue Empower went viral all over Facebook and Twitter. Many girls and boys have shared this post outright. Interestingly, sex outside marriage has been justified in the video on the name of freedom and women empowerment.

Till this point also things were in Smita’s side only. But it turned upside down when she shared this video on Facebook saying, “true, that’s what women empowerment is. I do believe in it. Yeaahhh.” When Randeep, who still follows her wife on Facebook, saw this and had his mind ringing. And he has his own idea of  “My Choice” on the name of Man Empowerment.

Randeep’s lawyer Devi Prasad said to Faking News,”When Randeep show me this video shared by his wife, I got my main argument which had the potential of negating all the facts and videos of Randeep’s extramarital sex shown by Smita’s lawyer.” With pride he continued, “I showed Smita’s post “My Choice” to judge saying that she do believe in extramarital sex if she thinks its right, my client is innocent too. Similarly as Deepika and Smita, my innocent client Randeep has his “My Choice” too.”

Reportedly, court has thrashed Smita for her  hypocrisy and double standards and directed Randeep to take care in future. Though divorce application by Smita has been accepted by court but without any alimony.