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Diving into the future

13, Sep 2013 By mehulmania

It is year 2050 and guess what our favorite personalities are doing.

Manmohan Singh – Actively preparing for his 1310th speech

Rahul Gandhi – He is still the president of the “youth” wing of the Congress

Sonia Gandhi – Planning to launch a new media initiative titled, “Bharat Punah-Nirmaan”

Digvijay Singh – Arranging a press conference to accuse RSS of his increasing age

Uday Chopra – Eagerly waiting for the launch of Dhoom-20. Apparently, that is the only work that he gets in the industry

Sachin Tendulkar – Contemplating to declare his retirement in another 20 years

Arvind Kejriwal – “Mr. A” has done a scam of  “B” amounting to “C” Rs. ;

where A = Any MP / minister / celebrity

B = Any damn thing that you can think of

C = Any random 8 to 10 digit number

Tushar Kapoor – “Aaaee ooo…. aiiyoooo…. oing oing….. maaoooodd…!!!”

Aam Aadmi – Extinct!!!!