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Ditched girlfriend threatens a Tehelka like expose

25, Nov 2013 By Golwalkar G

News reports coming in from Dharavi, Mumbai suggest that Ramu Kumbhar working as a waiter in a local restaurant committed suicide after his ex girlfriend threatened with a Tehelka style expose.

Tarun Tejpal
Inspiring many.

Preliminary reports suggest that the Anita, his long time girl friend had developed a severe acne problem due to which Ramu left her. Angered by his actions, Anita threatened him with an expose similar to Tehelka.

Prior to their separation Anita used to work in the same restaurant in the dish washing department. Ramu and Anita had fallen in love over a plate of chicken one night over dinner as Ramu served the meals and Anita washed the dishes afterwards.

Anita in an interview said that though both of them had separated 2 years ago, she was inspired by the Tehelka story and wanted to raise her voice now and accused him of indecent deeds. She hoped to gain popularity out of the incident. This, she said, would have given her career a big boost and she would have become a head waitress. She had not expected Ramu to commit suicide so easily she added before being taken away by the police.

Sila Bhoomik, Ramu’s chawl partner said, ‘Ramu was a great guy. We used to work in the night shift. I hope his soul rests in peace.’

Meanwhile in related news, Dr Manmohan Singh has said that a strong law would be needed to prevent crime against women. Narendra Modi, not to be left behind, has promised women only toilets for the 2.5 crore ladies in Gujarat so that this problem can be addressed.

Note : Name changed to protect the identity.