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Disgruntled IIPM ex-student steals Arindam Chaudhari’s ponytail

12, Aug 2013 By Vaibhav Anand

Delhi: Sources within the IIPM have revealed that a disgruntled ex-student of the institute called Rakesh Juneja has stolen Arindam Chaudhari’s ponytail.

Angry Arindam

After the incident, Mr. Chaudhari was said to be depressed & suicidal and was rumored to be murmuring “Oh my precious… my precious” at intermittent intervals while meandering through the halls of IIPM Delhi.

When contacted, Rakesh Juneja- an IIPM passout of 2012- accepted that he had cut off and stolen the ponytail. “Yes I stole it,” he said angrily. “But Mr. Chaudhari stole my future prospects! I turned down calls from IIM Indore & Lucknow to join IIPM after seeing one of his full page color ads which asked me to think beyond the IIMs. But now whenever I go to interviews, recruiters just look at the ‘IIPM’ word on my CV and laugh.”

A spokesperson for IIPM had this to say. “The entire economy’s bad. How is it our fault that Mr. Juneja did not get placed? He should steal Manmohan Singh’s spectacles if he cannot get a job! At least, Mr. Juneja got a free laptop and foreign tour out of his MBA; which institute can give you that?” Talking about the relevance of the ponytail to Mr. Chaudhari’s life he said, “It is extremely critical for us to retrieve the ponytail. It is one of Mr. Chaudhari’s Horcruxes.” However, the spokesperson refused to reveal Mr. Chaudhari’s other Horcruxes fearing that other enterprising ex IIPM students might find a way to destroy him.

The ponytail in question has been put up for sale by Mr. Juneja on ebay for a reserve price of fifteen lakhs- his entire IIPM fees.