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'Was discussing formation of MGB with Chinese Envoy to win Modi in 2019': Rahul Gandhi

10, Jul 2017 By manithan

New Delhi: Congress Vice President and possible future Prime Minister Rahul Gandhi is under fire for allegedly meeting a Chinese envoy. This meeting had come under crossfire since there has been escalating tensions between India and China.

Rahul Gandhi cleared the fog by exclusively speaking to Faking News. “Yes. I met Chinese envoy two days back. We were discussing about removing Modi from centre.”

Rahul Gandhi's mahagathbandh after mahagathbandhan
Rahul Gandhi thinking about a new strategy after this international Mahagathbandhan

Blinking his eyes thrice, he continued, “We are running short of useful allies. Communists are waste of time and energy, DMK is reeling under my friend whom many compare with me. Lalu is facing bars. Mulayam has gone to sleep. Our proxy ally Kejriwal is busy on something which I have no idea of.”

Smiling to show dimple on his cheeks, the Gandhi dynasty’s superstar, said, “Bihar’s MahaGathBandan is on verge of collapse. We have to form a strong alliance for fighting fascist communal BJP in 2019. When I heard that China is trying to enter Sikkim, I got this exciting idea. Why should China waste money and time in maintaining armies to invade India? They can come contest in elections here as allies of Congress. And win parts of India in a Democratic manner which my great grandpa espoused.”

“I shared this idea to Chinese envoy when we met”, said Rahul, “We even decided to share seats in Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. I suggested Chinese to have chowmein as party logo. I said that our new MGB will be MaggiGobiBandhan. He was excited about spending money directly in elections instead of wasting it on Indian press and Communist parties.”

This news has elicited favorable response from Indian intellectuals who were already doing back channel talks with China to invade India and liberate it from Modi.