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Disappointed with no more rains, Mumbai people demand full refunds for their umbrellas

08, Jul 2015 By bhokaal

Mumbai residents are used to carry bigger and larger umbrellas during monsoons. Some can cover 10-15 people in 1 umbrella, but usually keep it for themselves as Mumbai rains can become really harsh at times.

This year, monsoon arrived with a bang and everyone purchased bigger and stronger raincoats, umbrellas, car-covers, rain shoes, etc. for rest of the rainy season. But it’s been a different story since it rained and the city stopped for a day.

Mumbai Rains
Mumbaikars are missing such opportunities

“It’s been over a week since continuous rains in Mumbai, and I am getting sick of carrying umbrella now and then without any reason,” said Keshavji who travels daily from Badlapur to CST. He felt cheated after buying umbrella without having used it.

Keshavji further added that till last week everything was so perfect, like rain started just when he left for office and again start raining when he left office. He had planned 10-15 days leave due to heavy rain, all in vain now.

Effect of not enough rain can also be seen on students. Till last week, Mumbai University has cancelled only 1 paper because of rain, which is far less compared of same situation last year.

“If I am quite sure that paper will get cancelled because of rain, why will I study?” said an irritated student. A survey has revealed that passing ratio of Mumbai University will come drastically down because of less rain this year.