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Dirty bus stop becomes center of attraction for International Microbiologists

29, May 2014 By krishnaa

Solapur. India’s IT industry had captured headlines earlier and Bangalore had become destination of International IT companies. On a similar notes, Solapur Bus Stop has suddenly offered an era of new research in the microbes world.

More than 10 world famous microbiologists have made Solapur Bus Stop a new home for them, studying various micro-organisms developed there. They have not only made sophisticated laboratories in the vicinity of Solapur Bus Stand, but also brought Solapur on world map buzzing in the news.

Yes, it is a bus stop.
Yes, it is a bus stop.

FakingNews reporter visited the site to try to understand what the big deal was. He encountered with Seth Darst who had his face covered with some kind of air filter. The reporter started asking questions, why Solapur Bus Stop was so important to microbiologists. “You see, this bus stop has never been cleaned since its inception, which makes it one of best place for microbes to create colonies. The places like Urinal and Toilets are of special interest to us, as they have all kind of viruses and bacterias you could think of including mutant microbes. So far we have found more than 10000 new species of bacterias not found anywhere else on the earth.”

The reporter also had chat with Jeffery Taubenberger, “I am specially interested to examine ‘the immunity system’ people of Solapur have developed. They are virtually unaffected by the huge colonies of harmful microbes and move around bus stop without any protection.”

The state government of Maharashtra had already sought reports, and had found huge potential of earning foreign exchange in this business. The state government had already issued guidelines to State Transport to keep bus stops as filthy as possible, “which should not be a challenge, as we already have global expertise in the same,” said State Transport head.