Sunday, 18th March, 2018

Where is difference in roads' quality?

15, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

 KANPUR: If we compare the quality of roads from those of the past days, we supposedly do not find much difference. Those roads were bothersome owing to its raw terracotta feature. Presently the roads are cemented but not hard-wearing due to the use of sub-standard materials. That is why the roads are full of potholes, crevices, splits and gaps. These roads are as much dangerous as those yesteryear’s roads used to be. None can wholly appreciate the roads’ quality and standard at present despite all the claims raised by the contractors. The roads were laid out for the military tanks.

Undeniably the roads are prepared in a few days with the help of modern machines but its sturdiness is unavailable. The rain waters easily get accumulated on the roads causing inconvenience to the users. Our country’s development story lies between the soft Kuccha roads to the solid pucca roads. People heaved sufficient relief by seeing the rough roads swiftly converting into cemented motorised pathway. But the end result was not promising. It presented a very bad impression and they were shocked at regular repairing of the roads. They were realising whether the roads were for patching up or running the vehicles.

The roads have certainly eased movement but the basic dread still pervades. The roads are never safer because of its sub-standard construction. Our ancestors had undergone a lot of trouble owing to uneven roads in previous days. When we used to hear of the kuchcha roads, we felt a little bit anxious. The roads’ poor condition surely marred the swift speed. Despite the construction of cemented roads in these years, the people’s fear has not dissipated in every respect. What we usually find on our so-called nicer roads are nothing but potholes, crevices and bumpiness. There is always lurking possibility of roads being caved in. So, where is the difference?