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Did not 'break down': CJI Thakur

26, Apr 2016 By Siddharth Bhardwaj

Hiding his tears in name of cough?
Hiding his tears in name of cough?

New Delhi: Hon’ble Cheif Justice of India, Justice TS Thakur has revealed that he didn’t ‘break down’, ‘cry’, or ‘shed a tear of helplessness’ in front of PM Modi(ji) as made viral by the Indian media. He said that all he had was common cold due to which he had to wipe his eyes and nose just once while delivering his speech.

“I was expecting an Ashutosh Gupta like reaction when I read there was ‘breaking down’ in the title, but I was very disappointed when all I saw was video of a man just wiping his runny nose. The media has to keep in mind the value of time of us Facebook users, in that 1 minute I wasted I could invite around 10 people to play Candy Crush Saga with me”, ranted Bhaktaraam, a TOI subscriber.

“But you know… whatever works. Although, it wasn’t intended to be like this, if that’s what it takes to get attention of the Centre, the public, and Modi(ji), let them believe what they would be entertained believing, after all, the message I delivered was about a critically serious issue, and there are in fact some very serious flaws in the Judicial System which need to be dealt with, even if that isn’t the part the public is interested the most in.” TS Thakur sighed later, trying not to reach his handkerchief.