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Diabetic Diwali celebrated In Burdawan a fortnight before Kali Puja

16, Oct 2014 By khakshar

The blast was due to LPG cylinder , the Bengal Police had stated on October 2nd. People were preparing the famous “Sita Bhog ” of Bardaman when the mishap occurred. The police had seized a sizeable amount of “Sita Bhog and Mihir Dana” samples from the sweet shop.

SitaBhog And MihirDana Cracker Show on Banks of Damodar

These samples of sweets were taken to banks of Damodar river for testing and were used as crackers. It’s also reported that some “Halwais” of the sweets were present at the preponed  Kali Puja (Deewali) cracker show. People who witnessed the show are of the view that the crackers were the best manufactured ever.The show continued from noon to evening. The Police stated that the sweets had a probability of getting stale, hence the exercise was needed.  A “Mair Manush” (special son of the soil) was seen as chief guest of  the show. The Urchins who wanted their share of Sweets were shooed away. The Bengal Police had also cited that preserving  such huge amount of sweets may have lead to a Diabetic blast in Police Stations. After all how can a Bong resist “Sita Bhog or MihirDana”.

It also seems that the local Police had been warned of adulteration of food.  It was earlier reported that some dry fruits from across the border were being used in making of sweets.

Neighbors across the border have protested.  They have accused that the shop was an export-only unit. They suspect that sweets made in Burdawan factory was meant only for Bangladesh. The neighbors have alleged that the Diabetic Sweets were being produced to make them sick with extra dose of Sugar.

Didi’s men seemed to have set up the shop to ease  Teesta water sharing. They seem to have taken a cue from our Western  bordering country, which sets up sweet shops to export.

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