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Dhoni under CBI lens after the Helicoptor Scam

13, Feb 2013 By Sandeep Singh

New Delhi : Just when the CBI investigations were being held for the Lobbying scam, the UPA government got dark clouds of VVIP Helicopter scam hovering over their reign. Many politicians are in the circle of allegations but the involvement of the Indian skipper in the scam left everybody amazed.

Arvind Kejriwal in his yet another expose raised fingers on MS Dhoni, “Arey Sab Bhrast hain , Sarkaar to Hai Hi Ye ladka Dhoni bhi Kam Nahi.” Kejriwal didn’t talk in detail about the involvement of Dhoni in the case, but the media hype and pressure has compelled the Foreign Minister to call for a CBI investigation.

Dhoni playing the Helicopter Shot
Dhoni playing the infamous Helicopter Shot

However, Anna Hazare seemed miffed about the statement of Kejriwal, “Wo Bahot Dino Se Khabro Mein Nahi Aaya, Ye Bachkaane Bayaan Deke Fir Se Naam Kamana Chaah Raha Hai.”

The close sources also informed that Kejriwal was not much in senses from the past days , he heard about Dhoni’s Helicopter shot and then about this scam , so he might be relation two random things.

Sehwag seemed quite happy. Faking News caught him in Dr. Batra’s Hair Transplant clinic. He said, “Dekha Kal Ke Launde Ko? Hamara Upar yaani Upper cut se Bhidne Chale they.”

The opener seemed busy, later we found that Gambhir was there to pick him up for their movie ABCD.

Dhoni invited trouble when he said “Well , Of Course” when asked about his role in the corrupt deal in his press conference.

The Skipper was saying something but there was a technical error. It is believed that it was Manoj Tiwari who cut the Mic cable just after the “Well Of Course” to push Dhoni in to deep trouble.

Suresh Raina’s nephew tweeted, “Looking Forward to the Australian Tour, Hopefully Captain Bhi Ban Jaaun. Tiwari Bench Pe Baith Ke Pakka Khiladi Ban Gaya Hai ;)”