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Depressed boy tries to commit suicide by seeing so few tags on "Friendship Day"

02, Aug 2015 By nilesh32

A young boy from Kolkata  having 3294 Facebook  friends ,tried to commit suicide on the eve of Friendship day. He was admitted to hospital and now out of danger.

When police investigated the case they found very tragic reason behind it. He was  hoping that he will be tagged in more than 60 pictures of wishing “Happy Friendship Day” as he have more than 3000 friends.

He also downloaded more than 100 pics of saying “Thank You” to post as comment. But at end of Friendship day he was just tagged in 6 pictures all from boys. He started feeling depressed and he didn’t even comment on those pictures.

To feel better he checked his whatsapp messages. But even on whatsapp very few people wished him with very boring ‘poems’ and ‘shers’ on freindship.Some of them forwarded the same messages to him which he sent them in the morning.

They even not deleted his name underneath the message.This worsened his mental condition and he tried to commit suicide by clenching the thick friendship band around the neck. Fortunately the rope of his life was more stronger than that band. He  even  wrote ‘open letter’ to all his friends before the incident.

His family admitted him to hospital. Hospital staff too shocked after listening his tragic story. All nurses and wardboys  wiping their tears. 7 nurses even tagged him in those pictures in which they had been tagged by persons unknown to them. Even chief doctor promised him to tag in his pic on next “Friendship Day”