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Demonetization scheme to replace MNREGA as employment generation scheme till December

12, Nov 2016 By punvendra

New Delhi. Demonetization scheme is going to replace MNREGA as employment generation scheme in informal sector till December. According to a recent survey (because scheme is also recent), MNREGA workers are increasingly opting for standing in line to exchange cash.

MNREGA to Money Exchange
MNREGA to Money Exchange

Survey found out that the reason behind this increase is due to increased minimum wages provided in this scheme. Our reporter without spy camera found out that one work contractor (or black money manager) is willing to give ₹300 for exchanging ₹4000 to a worker with an ID card. On conditions of anonymity, Aadhar card no. 9800 7431 1086 said,” This is much higher than the MNREGA wage for one day and the payment is also made in Cash.”

Contractor Sahukar Shakti Sangathan leader Shankar Shivaay has appealed to government to increase the limit of 4000 ₹ so that minimum wage which is 7.5 percent also increases. He also appealed Panchayats to officially include the exchange of money in the public work definition.

Meanwhile, few Sarpanchs along with local politicians have already appointed Lower Divisional Clerks to undertake roll calling of MNREGA workers so that their personal money can be saved by public.