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Demonetization announced by the Central Bank at Kidzania, R City Mall, Mumbai

02, Jan 2017 By escapevelocity

Taking cue from the successful implementation of demonetization by Reserve Bank of India, Central Bank at Kidzania, an indoor theme park for kids has announced demonetization of 50 and 100 Kidzo notes.

A detailed announcement to that extent has been made by the manager at Kidzania. “Kidzon, there has been a spike in the black money with kids recently. We are seeing a lot of 50 and 100 Kidzo notes missing as kids are carrying them home. Hence, we decided to ban them immediately. Henceforth, no more 50,100 Kidzo notes will be accepted or issued within Kidzania premises”.

"Ab itne saare black money ka kya karoon?"
“Ab itne saare black money ka kya karoon?”

The news sent shock waves through the Kid fraternity across India. A lot of Mumbai kids started crying imminently. Parents were shocked to see each kid having 50 and 100 Kidzo bundles stashed in school bags.

But the manager of Kidzania did ask each kid to deposit those notes by end of January. And the withdrawal limit per visit has been restricted to one 10 Kidzo note per kid while a new Kidzo note for 2,000 has been released which did not fit the ATM machine at the theme park.

The first one to condemn the move was obviously Kejri’bawaal’. Kejribawaal took a dig at PM immediately on Twitter. The tweet read, “PM didn’t even spare kids with his barbaric decisions”. When a Faking news reporter reminded Mr. Kejribawaal that that the decision came from the theme parks management and not the PM, Kejri replied on twitter saying, “Sab mile hue hai…. Mujhe sab pata hai… FN bhi mila hua hai yeh saazish mein… Bhagwaan bhi mila hua hai”.

While Faking news reporters went to Rahul Baba for his comments, Rahul was busy researching the seismic waves generated on the richter scale machine placed at 10 Janpath post his recent speech on the PM. Rahul did say that it was an unacceptable move by Indian Govt to ban notes of his friends in Kidzania. “We used to buy tickets for Chota Bheem show with those notes. How will we be able to watch it now?” Rahul questioned. Once again when FN reporter reminded Rahul Baba that the decision came from the management of the theme park, Rahul asked for time to understand the exact difference from his Mommy.

Faking News Reporters from Delhi immediately flew to Lucknow to take views of Mulayam and Akhilesh. Mulayam was suspending his party people left right and center at the Party HQ and mistook the FN reporter to be the Party’s UP Head and suspended him too. Our disturbed reporter immediately moved into the next room to take Akhilesh’s opinion and was immediately handed over the post of the Party’s UP chief by Akhilesh who mistook him to be one of his supporters. While Akhilesh did not comment anything, he asked the FN reporter to stay in the tent outside the party office and promised one conflicting announcement every hour from the Party.