Thursday, 26th April, 2018

Demand to develop Holocaust memorial for the victim of the Digital Grammar Nazi

08, Jul 2017 By rofl gujju

Postgraduate student of the Social Science published a research paper and raise the demand for the construction of the Holocaust memorial for the victim of the Digital Grammar Nazi. (Due to security and privacy reasons, Faking news keeps the Identity of the student and university a secret).when-commfortingagrammar-nazi-i-always-say-softly-there-their-theyre-21782591

FN sources says that this student gets an Idea for this theme from the PM Narendra Modi’s visit to Holocaust Memorial In Israel. As per the student arguments, Grammer Nazi demoralizes many new English authors. They kill the aspiration of the millions of the people to learn English. Atrocities carried out by this grammar Nazi is outweighed the atrocities by the Nazi of the Hitler. The student also told FN, “When government across the world constructed more than a dozen of such Holocaust memorial, Why can’t we create one memorial for the victim of the grammar nazi?”.

The student also enlisted the benefit of such initiative, Following are some of that:

1. Will compliment the PM’s Vision for the Digital India.

2. Boost the Indian image of Soft power state.

3. Will stand India in the top of the list of the Human right guarantor.

4. Will Provide impetus to the skill India as it provides mental support to learn English.

5. Will make up the Inclusive image of the Government as it will give benefit highest to the opposition leader Aushutosh.