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Delhi traffic police constables at CP seize US diplomat's car after being offered excessively high tip

20, Dec 2013 By Pravs

New Delhi: On the backdrop of ongoing diplomatic furor about Indian diplomat’s arrest in US, few Delhi police constables impounded a high ranking US official’s red beacon black Mercedes at Connaught Place’s outer circle near Kake Da Hotel.

All’s not well.

The US diplomat was on his way to his Chankyapuri residence, lost in thoughts and watching out of the car window when suddenly he saw hanging roasted chicken legs and could not resist himself. He asked his driver to park the car in front of Kake Da Hotel and send him to fetch some tangri chicken!

All this could have been a normal affair, until two Delhi Traffic Police Hariyanwi Jawans, high on spirit, came out of Kake Da Hotel and got irked as diplomat’s car was parked too close to their pulsar motorbike. These constables were reported to not have realized diplomat’s immunity and went hell-bent on issuing a chalan to him for wrong parking!

The diplomat, who is reported to have been staffed in India only recently and is extremely image-conscious, immediately tried to hush-hush the matter as per tripadvisor India advisory and issued the two Jawans 10 thousand rupees cheques each straight away. The amount was too good to believe for the Jawans who have to negotiate everyday to get even a 100 rupee note. The issue looked more or less settled, but right then another set of traffic Jawans arrived on the scene hearing the preceding commotion.

The new Jawans created a ruckus with the earlier Jawans claiming that they took too high settlement and it was against the policies defined by their Union. The diplomat by now just wanted to get off the scene and offered to settle it quick. By this time, his driver too had come out and tried to calm down the Jawans as well!

The Jawans blatantly clarified to the diplomat that the settlement always has to be within a stipulated limit as per the unpublished traffic guidelines. It is not like USA where they have made every service unaffordable by offering generous wages. By offering such high settlement the diplomat has certainly broken the rules and now only their superiors can settle this matter!

Last we heard, the diplomat was standing outside RK Puram Police chowki with those Jawans and few traffic head-constables discussing the matter! His car being taken inside chowki and impounded! Also, our flying reporter reports that two red-beacon cars from South Block were on their way to settle things before this latest event snowballs into another big diplomatic controversy!