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Delhi to get 'Right to Abuse'

22, Jan 2014 By trishanku

The Delhi government is working on a draft to give Delhites the right that they want the most — the Right to Abuse (RTA).

Setting example.
Setting example.

The lawless minister of Delhi Shri Somnath Bharti explained to the media the need for RTA (Delhi) act, “AAP believes in empowering the Aam Aadmi. The best way to do so is, of course, through job creation. Since the private sector is corrupt and we are here to exterminate corruption, we don’t expect them to create jobs in Delhi. “

“Further it is difficult to give government jobs to all unemployed people since they would become lazy and corrupt there. So the next best thing is to give them the right to abuse which we will help them exercise selectively. This is very scientific way of giving way to frustation – abusing all political parties, the police , the businessmen, the government officials and so on.”

When asked why this right was needed since Delhities already exercise this freedom spontaneously, he said, “This is to protect the Aam Aadmi from the corrupt and compromised Delhi Police. You see if a petty official of DP can misbehave with a minister what will he do to a Aam Aadmi when he abuses him ?”

Moreover, he said with a wink, “It ensures captive dharna pradarshan people for us, which we are sure, would translate into votes again.”