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Delhi to be renamed DeLFi

05, Mar 2014 By ssamu

In a stunning development, the Union cabinet which met under the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has decided to rename the Indian capital from Delhi to DeLFi. This proposal was introduced by the Minister for Urban Development Kamal Nath. Speaking to the cabinet, he outlined his reasons for renaming the capital:

1. UPA has always been known to be open to private sector initiatives.

2. The DLF group has been extremely helpful to the UPA and its “friends”.

3. Ever since UPA introduced economic liberalization in India, a number of projects have been “sold” to the private sector. Examples of airports and roads were used for illustration.

4. The UPA government needs to broaden its naming criteria and be more inclusive. Right now, all airports and roads have been named after the royal family. With the approach of elections, it is time to include people from the industry.

5. The UPA can charge a hefty fee for allowing the renaming of cities and towns across India. For example, Mumbai could be called Ambani, etc.

In an unanimous vote, the Union Cabinet has approved the renaming of Delhi to DeLFi. Once the president signs the bill, this will become the new name for this ancient city. At the same time, bids will be invited for the renaming of other cities.