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Delhi second most popular city in the world, claims Delhi government official

15, Jul 2014 By MRP

A linguistically disabled Delhi government official, wrongly interpreting a UN report, claimed that Delhi is the second most popular city in the world.

Last week, a report of the UN’s Department of Economic and Social Affairs had stated that Delhi is going to be the second most populous city in the world. Without knowing the difference between ‘populous’ and ‘popular’, the officials of the Delhi government, overwhelmed by the supposed distinction achieved by the city, went around claiming Delhi to be the second most popular city. The euphoria spread, and taking the officials word, the citizens of Delhi too started celebrating.

delhi crowd
Delhiites rejoicing their new found status.

Politicians soon joined the bandwagon with their own high claims. Arvind Kejriwal declared “Who are we? We are aam aadmi. See what our 49 days rule has done to Delhi. If we had run the government for a few more days, Delhi would have become number one. But Congress and BJP didn’t let us continue.”

Shiela Dixit refuted this saying, “AAP claims are stupid. I ruled Delhi the longest. I am the one who brought glory to Delhi.”  Lalu Prasad was quick to add, “Arrey bhai, without even ruling Delhi we have made it number two. Just imagine if we had ruled.

In the press conference called by the Delhi administration, one of the scribes tried to correct the officials. “Sir, UN has not said Delhi is the second most popular city. It is the second most populous.” However the government spokesperson retorted, “How it make difference? Tell me. It is all same. Those ungrammar report people all talk wrong. But I know what they meaning.”

In the meantime, there were interesting reactions to this development, from other cities. Most people from Bangalore were cynical about this, with one of them saying, “There must have been a Delhiite in the panel that gave the report. Otherwise, how?”

On the other hand Mumbaikars went into celebrations themselves. When asked the reason and if they do not feel envious, one of them had this to say, “If Delhi is number two, we have to be number one!”

Oblivious to the reality, Delhiites came on to the streets in lakhs. Some danced, some threw colours, some with beer bottles in hand. After the fervour subsided, they started looking around themselves.

They saw a sea of humanity, choked roads, most people drunk, beer bottles and garbage strewn everywhere. Looking at the size of their own population, the mess around and the way the crowd behaved, it dawned on them that their city ought to be most populous and not necessarily popular. That is when they started returning home. The official who started all this is now untraceable.