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Delhi Romeos caught blowing whistle, demand protection under whistle-blowers act

22, Sep 2014 By quirkyindian

Delhi. In a shameful incident, few karyakartas of DSBYS (Delhi Sadakchaap Berozgaar Yuva Sangh) were caught blowing whistles at passersby and apprehended, later to demand bail under whistle-blowers act.

“Blowing whistle is a constitutional right under article 19 granting freedom, and we demand whistle-blowers protection,” commented the president of DSBYS.

One such karya karta(KK), who is known in his mohalla by “koi karya nahi karta(KKNK)” later spoke to faking news to explain his misdeeds and unabashed attitude to demand protection under whistle blowers act. “The govt has so many acts to protect rights of women, but no one cares for the sadakchaap berozgaar people like us, who have yet to learn the right from the wrong.”

CT Prasaad, an immigrant from neighboring states, said it was customary to blow whistle near girls colleges in his state, under the impression the girls kind of liked it. Uttering the word Tota(टोटा) many times, later on being caught on camera he retracted his comments and said that seeti was his way of communicating with nature and birds like parrot(तोता )

The DSBYS has received threat from extremist feminist outfits , with utmost consequences due on “Rakshabandhan” day.

Faking news wants to spread the social message of eve teasing, and our editor in chief is of the opinion that those who do not respect other people’s right to liberty & immunity from unsolicited attention, do not deserve ANY protection under the whistleblowers act themselves.