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Delhi Police is real Mr perfectionist: Abhijit Mukherjee

27, Dec 2012 By idiot420

President Pranab Mukherjee’s son and Congress’s sitting MP from Jangipur Abhijit Mukherjee came up with an unique explanation supporting act of Delhi Police crackdown on anti-rape protesters. He calls anti-rape protesters ‘dented-painted women’. Then he presented his thumb rule one of protest “Look like a victim if you are raising voice against crime. Specially when crime is molestation, look molested otherwise Police will do that in order to make things appear perfect.” Going further he said “Police have behaved like real Mr perfectionist”.

He drew analogy with Maoists protest and said “Maoists looks like they are sufferer” . With torn and dusty clothes, anger appears on their face and they look oppressed. Not like these protesters who seems to have landed directly from some discotheques. And most of the ladies who were present there were of fair complexion, the ones who care more about their facebook profile pic than country. These good looking people don’t care much about country. For example you can look at our Bollywood, full of good looking guys and girls but they rarely give their opinions on social issues.

Abhijit Mukherjee’s comment has got some backing from Khap panchayats and politicians like Mayawati and Lalu Yadav. Mayawati said ‘that’s why i never do makeup. I am fighting for cause of oppressed Dalits,i should look like oppressed’.

Jayalalita’s walking out from NDC meeting today is also being linked with this comment. As one of Congress’s CM quoted Abhijit’s ideas and told that ‘Good looking people with heavy make ups aren’t capable of doing social movements’. Our secret sources say, this has irked Jayalalita badly and she walked out.

We tried to reach MP Rekha and Jaya Bachhan for comment over the issue. Sentimental Jaya Bachhan expressed her anger with tearful eyes which was later tweeted by Big-B himself. Rekha too responded to the issue via Twitter. She tweeted “In aankhon ki masti ke mastane hazaron hain,Is shaher mein tum jaise namoone hazaaron hain #Abhijit Mukherjee” .

Pranab’s daughter is ‘shocked’ at her brother Abhijit’s ‘dented-painted’ remark and apologized for that.  She said this “reminded me an incident from Abhijit’s college days when he was slapped by a girl in college for similar comments.”

So it seems we got another example of brother-sister from a senior political family where Sister appears to be wiser than brother in spite of being younger in age.