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Delhi police too denies permission for PokeWalk

24, Jul 2016 By Pyaarelal
Pokemon Go everywhere
Pokemon Go everywhere

Mumbai/ New Delhi. After Mumbai police denied permission to organize PokeWalk in Azad Maidan- a venue that they claim can only be used for protests and not for recreational purposes, similar denial was felt by the PokemonGo fans of Delhi when they applied for asking permission for organizing Pokewalk in Ramleela Maidan.

Delhi police in its response said, “Ramleela Maidan is historically a “Protest spot” in the capital, it can’t be used for recreational purposes like organizing PokeWalk”. One of the senior officials from Delhi Police claimed that because of girls playing Pokemon Go, incidents of rapes might increase in the capital and suggested that young people should not to play PokemonGo and play Candy Crush Saga like Najma Heptulla, who spends time playing a video game in Rajya Sabha while the Upper House discusses important issues *like a boss*.

Meanwhile Chintoo Choudhary, the president of the “Rashtriya Pokemon Go: Gotta catch them all Sangathan”, has showed his displeasure by tweeting 25 tweets in ALL CAPSLOCK. He said they are going to protest about this outrageous decision of Delhi Police in Ramleela Maidan. Interestingly they have got the permission to do so.