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Delhi police arrest a man for spreading 'St. Valentine is gay' rumour

09, Feb 2013 By Shiva Kumar Dhivakar

New Delhi: Unable to get over the girl who broke his heart, unwilling to mingle with any other girl and at the same time envious of the other happy couples around him affectionately discussing their February 14th plans, a 25-year-old depressed software professional cooked up and disseminated a distasteful story about St. Valentine, alleging that the revered man was a homosexual.

Siddharth Sharma, writing a faux news report, narrated that an archaeological team from the US had explored the debris of St. Valentine’s dilapidated home at Rome and excavated several hidden manuscripts in which the saint wrote shocking letters vividly describing the steamy liaison he had with another man. The article added that the Church, at that time, strongly disapproved of their relationship and later announced to the world that St. Valentine propagated love, discreetly hiding what ‘love’ it referred to.

St. Valentine – the man in question

Siddharth sent the false news article to his friends and mentioned a note in the end that said, ‘If you don’t forward this to at least 10 people, you’ll remain single for the rest of your life.’  Within a short span of time, the news report went viral as many frustrated singles, usually found widely-active and relentlessly ranting on Facebook and Twitter, vehemently promoted the article over and again that it started trending with the hashtag #StValentineIsGay.

Emboldened by this startling revelation, hundreds of aroused LGBT supporters ran amok on the streets of Mumbai carrying placards saying, ‘February 14th is Gay Day’.

“When you have Women’s day, Children’s day, Labour day and even April Fool’s day, why not a day dedicated to homosexuals?” questioned a 47-year-old bachelor who played an active role in the movement to abolish Section 377 of the IPC.

Shaken by the fake report and believing it to be true, several couples have reportedly called off their Valentine’s day celebrations. Restaurants across the country have complained that table-reservations for the 14th of February were suddenly cancelled in large numbers, music concerts were withdrawn and even greeting-card stores witnessed a steep decline in the number of customers.

Siddharth Sharma was enthralled by the outcome of his rumour before he unexpectedly received a phone call from the woman of his dreams, who admitted to still having feelings for him and expressed her desire to reconcile with him. She even added that she would have loved to celebrate the Valentine’s Day with him if she hadn’t heard about the homosexual theories surrounding the day. It was then Siddharth, in a surge of excitement, blurted out to her that the story was a hoax and further revealed that he was the one who had spread the rumour, oblivious to the fact that the police had already tracked him down and were tapping his phone in order to gather enough proof against him.

Siddharth was subsequently arrested under Section 505 (2) (mischief leading to breach of peace) of the IPC and is currently lodged in Tihar jail where he will have to spend the Valentine’s day with his fellow inmates.