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Delhi parents fret over Metro love tales of their children

02, Aug 2013 By ajaysp

New Delhi. With the huge number of ‘I traveled. I met. I fell in love.’ confessions repeated on Delhi Metro Confessions on facebook, Delhi parents have started developing wrinkles on their forehead. “I was going to find my boy a beautiful petrol pump, umm sorry, beautiful white girl from the Punjabi community and today he has brought home a madrasan as his girl friend.

He says I met her at Rajiv Chowk and offered her a seat. Yesterday an African offered me his seat should I elope with him?” an anxious Pammi aunty spoke to us exclusively. The same evening 180,000 people read the confession of the madrasan on Delhi Metro Page.

Delhi Metro connecting not just stations but even young couples.

Meanwhile, CCDs and Baristas are queuing up for tenders at metro stations. CCD was keen to reply to our query, “We see a booming business in the love prospects at metro stations. When unknown become couples they buy 120 rupees coffee, when they break-up they buy 150 rupees chocolate, and when they again fall in love they buy the new 200 rupees coffee.” Simran, a regular traveler by metro and frequently in and out of relationships said, “My second relationship started at Noida sector 18 and by the time I reached Rajiv Chowk I was committee- full-fledged. We even took two coffees at Rajiv Chowk CCD; sadly by the time we reached Dwarka we had a break-up.” Simran’s friend Parminder corroborated her statement, “In Rajiv Chowk they were seen smooching voraciously like Cadbury Silk advertisements.” In absence of Simran, Parminder revealed, “the guy was so cute; I am dating him these days. We met at Rajiv Chowk.” (Simran and Parminder’s English have been grammatically corrected, what they spoke was a disgrace to the convent school of Delhi.)

Mother of Avantika after reading the confessions on Delhi Metro has started accompanying her daughter to and fro from home to college. “I cannot bear to see my daughter posting today on Delhi Metro Confession page and posting tomorrow on Adult Confessions.”

Few parents have even approached Baba Ramdev, and assured Narendra Modi of their votes if he can stop the new cult coming up. Baba Ramdev has assured of another huge protest at Ram Lila Maidan the next upcoming month. Narendra Modi gave them promises of taking up the matter with Shiv Sena, which after the Valentine’s day has been dormant.

Digvijay Singh was fast to make a comment even without a request, “When there are so many tunch maals who would listen to Ramdev and the nonsecular NaMo? I am going to ask Madam G to make Delhi metro the official transport for ministers, and the keep a seat reserved for our royal baby in the first compartment. Congress and India shall get its new future leader.”

The admin of the Delhi Metro Confession page, an engineer by qualification, wasn’t approachable to queries.