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Delhi man obfuscates last digit on his car's number plate to ensure he drives everyday

05, Dec 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Delhi: In what is being considered as one of the most innovative jugaads Indians have ever produced, a young professional from Delhi has created a number obscuring antidote to the new traffic law that mandates plying of odd and even numbered vehicles on alternate days. The simple yet innovative approach of this man has taken many by surprise.

“Similar to what students in school do before showing the report card to parents.”

Pradooshan Sharma, aged 30, works as a marketing supervisor in a popular construction based in Janakpuri. He trains freshers on various marketing techniques to be adopted in the construction industry. He always has a funda up his sleeve and comes up with spontaneous, jaw-dropping solutions to problems ending up impressing his subordinates.

As soon as the new traffic law was announced, Pradooshan to the parking lot along with his students, picked up a tool lying nearby and started making the last digit on the number plate look like “8” though it was actually a “3”.  The students were amazed yet again, with his inscribing prowess. Pradooshan’s talent made everyone agree that one could easily convince the traffic police it was “8” or “3” depending on the day.

Sources say that some have taken inspiration from Pradoo and purchased paint boxes to repaint the number every night so they could drive everyday while some have raised the innovation bar so high that they’re researching on a three dimensional dual-view number plate.

There are a few people who have purchased additional cars with odd/even number plates based on what’s applicable to them in order to make sure they drive everyday.

Time will tell if this rule is going to reduce the city’s pollution or  give birth to a new market owing to our junta’s innovative capabilities.