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Delhi Govt. to provide subsidy on boats this monsoon

14, Jul 2015 By navjit

New Delhi: On one hand where PM is asking to give up subsidy on LPG, at the same time, opposition welcomes the decision of Delhi Govt. to provide the general public with the subsidized boats. This will be done in collaboration with Gurgaon and Noida govt. authorities.

Public commuting to office.
Public commuting to office.

In a press conference, where our correspondent “Prakritik Aapda” was also present, it was iterated, that the rains are a conspiracy by LG and central Govt. But the Delhi Govt. is not scared of anyone and will fight for justice, even if the govt. in collaboration with Inder Dev, may fill the roads with loads of water. On the contrary, Hon. CM Mr.Kejrihaal said that his govt. promised 20000 lts of water to everyone and he has already provided 70% of the water in first year itself and remaining 30% will be provided in next 4 years. And for this he patted the govt. officials for not letting the water go into the drains.  Apart from all this, he also announced that Govt. will be providing the subsidy on boats, for our daily commuters.

For the people who want to go to Gurgaon, government is also having scuba diving suits for office goers. This was a well drafted and crafted move by the govt. RTO has ordered that boats should be allowed to ply between Gurgaon and Delhi, without any need of special driving license. A toll booth has been installed at Gurgaon for collecting the water stagnation management toll tax.

Also, it was said, that hopefully, govt. will come forward with similar schemes in case of any other natural calamities like earthquake, chemical war with central govt., etc etc.