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Delhi Girl comes back offended from Monday vegetable market after no boy passed comment or stared at her

29, Jul 2015 By sunnyyy

New Delhi: In an unprecedented event in the history of eve teasing in Delhi, a girl named Cutepreet Sharma witnessed something on the streets of Delhi which is as rare as Ashok Dinda taking a hat-trick. Cutepreet Sharma went to the Monday vegetable market of her neighborhood hoping for the usual lewd comments, indecent gestures and constant stares of boys and men but to her surprise, not even one boy looked at her or said anything to her. She came back offended and disappointed.

Reportedly, Cutepreet Sharma lost her temper completely when the hawkers used the words Bhen and Didi to address her.

“Cutepreet telling Rudepreet about the Monday vegetable market incident”

“I was dumbstruck when many boys walked by me to the Chole Bathure stall without even noticing my revealing red top and black yoga pants. My problem is that last Monday, when my friend Rudepreet came to the market she was welcomed with more than enough stares and comments about her looks and even about her choice of vegetables so why was I subjected to such marginalized treatment?” Cutepreet told our Faking News reporter.

She further revealed, “I was extremely disappointed with the uncivilized conduct of the boys, it didn’t feel like the same Delhi anymore, I kind of felt safe here which sickens me. I feel like leaving Delhi and shifting to other high eve-teasing zones of India.

When Faking News caught up with the mother of Cutepreet Sharma, she said, “my daughter has a track record of slapping 2 boys on an average every Monday. Sometimes she slapped them in anticipation or on the basis of the past record of the boys. She always came back learning new words from the market like Maal, Tota, Kancha, Piece, Item, Bomb. I totally blame Kejriwal for this safety shell where our daughters have to go through such isolating experiences where they get to feel so unwanted and unimportant.”

“Now the Delhi voters are getting to know, when their daughters are feeling unsafe from getting to feel safe when they go out. This is just the beginning, to prevent all this we are trying to run Delhi through the LG.” BJP spokesperson told Faking News.