Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

Delhi girl breaks up with ‘photographer best friend’ over alleged poor quality pictures

08, Apr 2014 By Jay Thar

During a posh Delhi wedding reception, a south Delhi girl had utilised her +1 invitation card and requested her ‘photographer best friend’ to tag along.

She had planned to capture herself in hundreds of ‘same pose pictures’ along with her social-gathering-best-friends. However, allegedly due to a stupid mistake by the guy (apparently, the poor guy ate chaats at the wedding, and accidentally smeared chutney residue on the lens), all the photos turned out blurred. This, after they had ensured that he brings his brand new Nikon D-SLR for the wedding.

Such an important skill.

The livid girl and her close group of friends thrashed the photographer friend for ruining their special evening. The poor gang of girls had spent a few 1000 bucks on that expensive lehengas and spent hours perfecting those multiple poses in front of the mirrors.

In fact, the girl who had +1-ed the guy, had developed a twisted neck while posing repeatedly for the semi-back showing, turn-around left cheek pose, while trying to show her pierced left nose.

All this effort turned out to naught after they reviewed the pictures and couldn’t find a single one to post on FB. ‘I was expecting at least 250 likes on some of the pictures, beating my previous record of 238 likes at the last wedding.

This obviously developed deep thaws in their otherwise mutual platonic friendship. The girl has not spoken to the guy for past 3 weeks.

“I decided to take him along in spite of 2 other friends also offering to take pictures. I trusted his skills, but he turned out to be utterly stupid!” she sobbed uncontrollably.

On the other hand, the photographer friend is crestfallen by the developments, and has gone to great lengths to try to salvage their best friend status. “I even went out to learn Photoshop, and have even offered to edit and air brush the pictures during their next stint.”

Last heard, the girl was in no mood to listen and has allegedly unfriended and blocked him on FB.