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Delhi Citizens found new solutions to get seat in Metro

07, May 2015 By rajeshchintamaneni

New Delhi: Even though Delhi Metro is running with full packed some people getting seat comfortably everytime. When Faking News Reporter questioned about this to the Delhi Metro Traveler, how is he managing to get seat everyday, he said “I applied makeup of an old man once to get the seat reserved for the old people. Once it worked and I got a seat. Next day I tried the same at Rajeev Chowk and worked there too. You know if we are able get seat at Rajeev Chowk you can get it anywhere in the universe. Meanwhile, I’m planning to get the patent for this trick. Soon it would be as famous as E=mc2″, he said in a proud voice.

When Faking News Tried to ask 22 year old management student named Zuhaib Sherwani about his journey in Delhi Metro he said, “Jaime Lannister! Getting seat in metro require a lot of effort. If I keep this effort in CAT exam I would be in IIM”, in typical Virat Kohli slang.

MBA Students occupied all seats with dummy passengers which they would be selling from the next station onwards
A jobless MBA passed out occupied all seats with dummy passengers which would be sold from the next station onwards

When our reporter asked what strategies he is making to a get seat, he said, “Initially I used to pray to god before leaving home to bless me with a seat in metro. Even god is unable to help in this case. So I started to develop my own strategy by planting some ideas in travelers mind, so that they can offer seat voluntarily.”

By seeing this competition for seats in metro some management students who didn’t got package of 1 lakh per month started a new business. They will occupy the seats right from the starting station and sell to the people who needed it. Charges vary from station to station and who is sitting besides you. Maximum charge is at Rajeev Chowk with beautiful girls on both the sides.

When Faking News Reporter asked if they feel ashamed of doing such business, he said, “All our Classmates who got campus placements are doing nothing in organizations. H.R people are conducting monthly refreshment programs and buttering General Managers while finance people working on only excel sheets. We are earning 2.5 times of what they are earning”.

Meanwhile some high tech geeks are tweeting to Kejriwal to implement seat booking system in Delhi metro also like IRCTC.