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Delhi boy watching Bahubali 2 forgets to do check-in on Facebook, gets beaten by theatre owner

02, May 2017 By sameer mahawar

New Delhi. A rarest incident occurred in PBR cinema today where a boy from South Delhi failed to make the appropriate usage of his social media profile and his 9 inch phone by not announcing to the world that he’s going to watch Bahubali 2.

Vikram Dutta, who booked the tickets for 3 p.m. show for much awaited movie entered the multiplex premises with his sunglasses on. After having done the security checking, it was the time for him to make check-in on his Facebook account which he forgot.

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When they checked Vikram’s mobile phone during the interval

The failure on his part not only fumed his friends accompanying him but also the theatre owner couldn’t hold his nerves and ended beating him up.

The owner said, “It doesn’t pinch us when the public complain us about the loot we make by keeping the price of popcorns and cold drinks higher that the 1BHK flats on outskirts of Noida. We need promotion as well to run our business. A guy has the right to not to make any check-in while watching movies like ‘Noor’. But exercising it while watching epics like Bahubali is a total disappointment.”

Vikas Seth, then a close friend of Vikram and now a foe, said, “We were 10 people together who had gone for the movie. Nine of us made check-ins as soon as we boarded the metro. We even tagged him on each of our check in, but this champ didn’t return the same favor and was lost in watching the movie.”

“Dude, who does that? Whenever you’re at an outing, you have to announce the same to the people out there on your friend list. Before doing that, it’s a sin to enjoy that thing. Vikram did wrong as per the Society Acceptance Act, 2016. He had to be beaten up”, said another friend of Vikram while writing review of Bahubali on his blog.