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Delhi boy updates resume, puts 'Earthquake' under the 'Experiences' section

12, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

New Delhi. The capital city was the epicenter of the four mild tremors last night . The intensity of the Earthquake however was just about right and instead of being horrified most of the people were just thrilled . Social networking sites got flooded by the constant updates of all Delhities .

The nature’s fury was not unproductive for Raj , a DU student . “I was up all night, I felt all of them. This is a great night” read the status of Raj this morning . However, he seemed pissed with people who didn’t felt the shake but just wrote about it “Daaru pee ke bhand pade they, Saalo tumne bada feel kar liya Earthquake” Raj commented on most of his friend’s statuses .

Raj never did any internship or anything notable to be able to fill his expriences section on his resume , but after last night he wasn’t hesitant to put Earthquake in the CV .

Raj earlier had only “Heartbreaks” in his Experience column .

In other news , The national disaster management authority seemed quite fumed at the youth of the country as instead of their “Jhuko, Sar ko Dhako aur kisi cheez ko pakad ke rakho” plan , most of them were busy in updating their Tweets and Statuses .

Arvind Kejriwal accused congress for this scare and related it to the Delhi elections . Meanwhile Rahul Gandhi issued a new statement saying “Earthquakes are just a state of mind”, While Digvijay Singh expressed his grief and assured the media that there would be a CBI inquiry of the case .