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Delhi boy shunned out by peers for not facing quarter-life crisis

16, Jan 2015 By Sachdeva_D

Delhi. After following “half”, “full” for ages finally this new generation has taken cognizance of hitherto ignored and shunned “quarter”. Thought it may look to be in a different context to onlookers but this quarter has come back hard. Yes we are talking of mid quarter life crisis.

The magnitude of popularity of this phase can be gauged through a recent incident reported in Delhi where one boy was completed shunned and oucasted by his peers for not showing any signs of this omnipresent phenomenon. It is said that boy was mostly found happy and cheerful by his group when all his other friends were sulking for some reason or the other. The reasons plaguing their life were many, for instance: Salman not hosting Big Boss, Dhoni retiring, 25th break-up, Tanisha (name changed) getting more likes on her dp, etc.

Quarter-life crisis
Quarter-life crisis

Faking News directly contacted Rahul (Name changed) but he was unavailable for comments. However, our reporters spoke to some of his close members from the group.

“He was always happy and smiling. How is this even remotely possible in today’s world you tell me? He was content with his one girl friend whom he planned to marry, he didn’t have a single Sachin poster on his room’s wall and add to that his contentment with his 9-6 job,” said one of his friend. Another girl added, ” Not being too social and outgoing is ok but how can one not have a Facebook account God damn it! No instagram either. We simply could not tag him in any of our group photos,check-ins , needless to say one less like on our posts.”

Our sources tell us one another reason for this serious disliking was his non-participation in value adding debates. He was found silent on Delhi-Mumbai , Salman-Sharukh, Kat-Bebo like meaningful discussions.

“His callous attitude towards our problems was another big milestone to help us reach our decision. Where we all were busy fighting our day to day life problems he was simply found shunning his share. No cribbing, back-biting or office gossip were the symptoms which made our belief even stronger. I remember one incident where we caught him even praising his boss. He was proving to be a baggage on our group. He was not even an Eminem fan man!” adds Abhishek. Faking news was surprised to know even songs from legendary singer, four time Grammy winner, Mr. Honey Singh couldn’t help me rehab.

A bigger question to ask is can we do anything for such unfortunate cases? Today it’s Rahul, tomorrow it would be Tina and so on. Though a latest report shows good sings where average age for quarter life crisis setting in one’s life is seen reducing. Latest social media updates show a spike in “completely heart-broken”, “devastated” like posts from Children accounts. Though the future looks in safe hands the answer nation wants to know is “what about people like rahul?” Will we leave them on their own or take a collective responsibility to doom them?

Do discuss this over your next quarter.