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Delhi boy depressed after he didn't get to hit anybody in road rage for 48 hrs

26, Jun 2015 By chachachaudhary

In the breaking news section our chief reporter Bonobos has reported that a Delhi boy aged 24 named Rage Romeo drove rashly in all the congested lanes of Delhi, parked at all wrong places in parking, broke all the traffic signals, honked as if he is suffering from diarrhea, threw up  empty cans and bottles, shouted at everybody in front of him, played loud music at deafening volumes, teased girls, and still nobody retaliated, argued or questioned him.

traffic jam
Roads are not for driving, but for picking up fights.

No body gave him the slightest of opportunity to pick up a fight on road. Due to this, he is under severe depression and is suffering with extremely low blood pressure ever since he reached home. He is suffering from terribly low esteem and thinks he is just a good for nothing chap.

Doctors have reported that if it continues like that then he would be under chronic depression and can suffer from lifetime humility and non violence syndrome (LHNVS). Doctors also issued a time line of 24 hours within which Romeo has to pick up a road fight.

Romeo said that he was too worried as how would he show his face to his relatives and friends. Plus his father Bulldoze Senior is abusing him as he burnt 18.5 litres of fuel without any activity. He thinks all his money which he invested in  air horn, loud exhaust, the baseball bat, the hockey stick, all the music CDs with only daaru and party in lyrics, 10000W PMPO music system, is all going into drain.

Road rage senior also blamed traffic police for doing their duties pretty well. His mother Rage Queen is blaming the other people’s decency for spoiling her son’s day. She apparently got more worried when she overheard her neighbors who were praising their son for drinking entire crate of beer while driving and still managing to break 6 bones today itself. The mother is also dreading  facing her neighbor tomorrow at the weekly kitty party when the neighbor would be getting back at her with a vengeance.

The mother is worried as her son is not living up for the childhood promise he had shown, since she convinced her husband Bulldoze senior to allow him to drive since the age of 9. Her sons neighbor who only started driving since he was 12 is now way ahead in road rage cases as compared to her son who started driving 3 years earlier than him. She also gave a call to her brother Road Terminator who is the most experience road rager in the her entire family and she requested him to allow his son to stay with him for few days.

Rage Romeo slightly cheered up to the thought of staying with his maternal uncle for few days as it might do some repair to the dent in his reputation and he is looking forward to learning few tricks about picking up a fight on road.