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Deaf clerk keeps callers confused

23, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: What a deliberate uniqueness! Nothing could be more ridiculous and at the same time more true than assigning the attendant duty to a clerk hard of hearing. When he cannot normally listen there is no meaning in giving him responsibility of answering the public call. When we can’t bear the deafness of the god more than his strength this instance gives rise to anger and wrath. This man at the Kanpur Development Authority had been discharging his duty for the past several years.

The logic behind this duty was his retirement period was approaching fast so he was posted at a desk which required attending the public calls continuously. Being the office toll-free number the complainants showed no compunction in dialling the number liberally. But the receiver being hearing-impaired only held the call and that’s why the complaints could not reach the office. It turned out to be only one-sided affair. We are if truth be told true adherent to the jugaad way.

It was also prima facie a way to thrust aside complaints as the attendant can’t suitably answer. Again we can see in this choice strong trace of an increase in social skill. Those who remained unaware of the clerk’s hearing deficiency continued to throatily speaking. But there was no gain of remaining on the phone. They possibly have so far learnt of the exact reason in no action on their genuine complaints. The civic body has now been awakened from its deep slumber.

A recent inspection of vice-chairman has brought desired in the working. He did not lose enough time in removing this incompetent attendant from the responsible desk. This came as an effective condemnation of the negligence persisting so far. We see tighter and more careful grip on the civic body’s working system. What is strong and what is weak is now becoming clear.