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Dead Alive - Ranchi Ishtiyl

27, Jul 2014 By khakshar

The Remains of Dead Alive (not the 1992 Movie)
The Remains of Dead Alive (not the 1992 Movie)

The Jharkhand State water resources department had on June 27 transferred 188 engineers, among them was the name of  an engineer who had died much before the orders were issued. The Minister of Water Resources said  in this case,  the death might have occurred while the engineer was on deputation to other department and there was delay in reporting his passing away.

On the name of anonymity an official of the Department confided  that the inclusion of name of the deceased was done after much deliberations. He elaborated that the Transfer committee had been influenced by the efficiency of the State Police.  He narrated that the efficient Jharkhand police had recovered the body of a woman from Bundu area in the city in February and handed it to the father of the missing girl, who cremated it thinking it was that of his daughter. Three youths  were arrested and charged with murder by Ranchi Police.  However, the missing girl surfaced three months later. The woman also  told the police the arrested trio was innocent and she had gone into hiding for personal reasons. It’s another matter that the three youths remain in Jail on charges of misguiding the Court. After a fort night in Police custody they had admitted of murdering the missing woman , though initially they had denied it. Taking a cue from some famous judicial cases in country like hit and run , Aston -Martin ,Chinkara case , the honorable Court had termed them as “Hostile Accused” , as the trio changed confessional statements.

 Meanwhile the department has constituted a three-member investigation committee to find out why the dead engineer’s name made it to the list and who was responsible for it. It is also rumored that the number 189th Engineer on the list of Transfer had managed it well as his present posting was at  Koel-Karo project. It is noteworthy that this famous project project began way back in 1957 under the second Five Year Plan.  The final project report was completed in 1973 . The project was formally shelved in 2003  but the water resources staff  remained posted at the site as Jharkhand Government intended to revive the project with minor altercations.