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Dawood targets Chota Rajan again, accuses him in Vyapam scam

06, Jul 2015 By The Cynic

Based on recent reports, the dreaded don Dawood Ibrahim’s latest attempt at Chota Rajan’s life was foiled.

At his wits end after multiple attempts at his rival’s life, Dawood has decided to place his trust on criminals more experienced and dangerous than Chota Shakeel and the like i.e. Indian politicians. He has accused Chota Rajan in the Vyapam Scam, and hopes that this would put the rivalry to rest.

Dawood Ibrahim
Dawood thinking that finally he’s got his enemy

In an interview with Dawood Ibrahim, our correspondent Hussain Zubedi learnt that Dawood himself was surprised as to how the homegrown criminal talent in India has far surpassed his current men. “We felt that we were the best in the business, but the 44 deaths in the Vyapam scam just showed us our boys have some serious catching up to do”, said Chota Shakeel, Dawood’s right hand man.

Reports are in that both Dawood and Rajan have been bidding for this talent to join their respective gangs.

“It was then that Dawood bhai had this amazing epiphany. Why not outsource an attempt at Chota Rajan’s life to the best in the business?” said Chota Shakeel with a sparkle in his eyes. Meanwhile, reports from within Chota Rajan’s gang have not been too positive. Chota Rajan feels more threatened than ever and has tripled his security.

Only time will tell if Chota Rajan will escape this dastardly attempt.