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Dawood disowns his own mobile not to get aware about Vyapam

18, Jul 2015 By chintanpandya89

Reports from very secret services are leaked that Dawood Ibrahim distances himself from all the communication medium and gone underworld. Literally.

A worried Dawood asking nothing about Vyapam

The reasons sited by the secret services as, Dawoon doesn’t want to get involved with Vyapam, which is more deadly information virus than Ebola in India. The widespread of this virus has touched Al-Qaeda leaders and few of them found dead in mysterious conditions. Specially this news has made Dawood a freak and since then he has shut down all his internet devices and distanced himself from his ‘khabaris’.

Interviewing few of his “Khabaris’, they too are shocked of Dawood’s this behavior. They never observe sheer fear on Dawood’s face earlier not they have been rejected like all of a sudden. They have already assured Dawood that they don’t have any information about the Vyapam but he seems like not taking any chance for this severely deadly virus.

It has been reported that Vyapam information virus has taken more than 57 lives in India and 2 in Pakistan.

Here in India, there is a moment of relief in HMO and they are quite energetic about new ways to crack down Dawood. Their latest strategy involves leaking important information about Vyapam on Pakistani Radios and national television, so that maximum people can get affected, in the hope that one of them can be Dawood himself.

Sudden change of dynamics of hide-n-seek between HMO and Dawood has attracted huge attention among the Mumbai builders. And they are now preparing “get well informed about Vyapam” cards to ‘hafta wasooldars’.