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Cyber bullying on Facebook and pun on Twitter

24, Oct 2014 By Boka Bihari

Facebook’s efforts to curb  cyber bullying seems to working.  Text box with a polite pre-written response to a post can be sent to the friend who hurt their feelings. Sending of  Sound of a grunt, sigh or a giggle to communicate  feelings about a post is being worked out .

Taking a leaf  out of FB to create empathy Twitter has also started research. It was found that most replies were not meant to hurt, but were jokes lost in digital translation . However Twitter India case study showed extremely opposite results . It said much pun and Jokes were generated in digital expression . The case study of  course featured Ashutosh . It also noted that others named Ashutosh made an attempt to ensure that pun is only directed to where it belonged. The other ones added an extra A or T or removed H from their names.

Twitter India also discovered that the Relationship Consultants were using Twitter most. The empathy or lack of it on a marriage was noted on Madame Sagarika Ghose’s TL after her suggestion that  Rahul Gandhi should  resign from Congress Vice President.

It’s learnt from reliable sources that Twitter India may institute awards for it’s users on making “Round or Spiral Jalebis ” of simple text. Another award is for two politically opposite poled groups. It shall be awarded to someone who can prove that “Sun rises in the West” after one group has stated that “Sun rises in the East’.  Photoshop  and selective data representation  may be used as tool.

It’s also learnt that Twitter India will have a tag line of  “We ensure that Mountains are Moles and Vice-Versa  with Pun “.