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Cyanide Mallika asks for a cell change; says afraid of being poisoned by the new inmate of the jail

22, Feb 2017 By RT
cyanide Mallika sasikala
Who is scared of whom?

Bangalore. Cyanide Mallika, India’s First Woman Serial Killer, serving life term at Parapan Agrahara jail in Karnataka, has asked for a cell change after a new inmate has moved in a few days ago. “I am terrified of being poisoned by this new convicted felon”, she reportedly complained to the jail authorities. An otherwise upbeat Mallika was seen totally beaten up in the past few days, the authorities told Faking News.

On special permission obtained from the Jail authorities, when our reporter visited the Jail, wearing no jewelries whatsoever, the lady with a lethal touch smiled nervously. “Cyanide is my business. I use that to clean the jewelry of my friends. In a few unfortunate incidents, a few of my friends died, who literally had the taste for new sparkling jewelry. I warned them of cyanide but they learnt too little too late, biting on the chemical. For their ignorance, I am serving a life term”, Mallika told Faking News.

“Yes. I had kept some of the jewelry with me. That was partly because none had come to claim for that and also being mindful of the effect of cyanide on ignorant people. Indian judiciary is very tough on friends who help other friends, with no benefits whatsoever. Perhaps a little benefit for me with the jewelry and all. But, in the case of this new inmate, she is jailed for the only reason for helping her friend during her entire life and death”, Mallika hinted about the new inmate to the reporter.

“I am terrified of my new neighbor in the jail. I used to deal with deadly poison for my business. Now, if the unofficial reports are to be believed, this inmate also dealt with untraceable poison to help her business. I am a total novice in this field in front of my new friend, who has reportedly mastered the skills of secret operations. If anything, I am planning to stay as far away as possible, not smiling and definitely not shaking hands”, Mallika concluded to Faking News as her hands were visibly shaking, terrified of being neighbour to someone who has absolute mastery in the business.

The last reports from the Parapan Agrahara jail suggested that Mallika’s wishes may soon be granted and the lethal lady will be moved as far away from her current cell.