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Currency stockpile found in raid, accused used multiple ATMs to collect cash

15, Dec 2016 By Mishtik Journo

New Delhi. Police have stumbled upon a large hoard of currency notes from an LIG flat located in an EWS colony. Prem Chand Mishra has been caught with 15,626 notes of Rs 50 each amounting to Rs 7,81,300.

“Me or a member of my team get into an empty ATM devoid of cash and spend five minutes there pretending to be withdrawing cash. Within no time scores of people queue up outside the ATM to withdraw cash. Then I would come out and talk them into buying a bottle of ‘Shivani Sar Dard Tel‘. These people are already suffering from acute headache after running from one empty ATM to the next. Therefore, they readily buy the bottle for Rs 50 without much effort on my part. We have made huge sales every day ever since demonetization started”, Prem Chand told police upon interrogation.

His one day collection by selling hair oil to ATM queues
Prem Chand’s one day collection by selling hair oil to ATM queues

“These harassed people are delighted when I give them one comb free with every bottle of hair oil. You see, even when they are able to access an ATM having cash, after queuing up for an hour they feel being short changed at the ATM as they only get a 2000 rupees note and not 2500 as promised. I deliver more than I promise”, Prem Chand revealed secrets of his salesmanship.

Police have also discovered from Mishra that he bought these bottles at Rs. 12 a piece as the oil manufacturer’s business came to a halt due to lack of cash liquidity in the market post demonetization. He sold off his entire stock to Mishra at deep discount.

“It becomes a fit case to be handed over to IT department for tax evasion by a person having high profitability. He doesn’t have a PAN and has not deposited any income tax ever”, said police.

“We interrogated him with third degree and extracted full story from him in no time. We can thus prosecute him immediately. Prem Chand will surely be punished since he doesn’t even have a passport to go the Mallya way”, inspector Ram Phal who is investigating the case confided with Faking News.

“You see, when we seize amounts running into tens of crores from sophisticated persons in similar raids, we have to be polite and considerate in conducting our inquiry and so cases might linger on for years before dying down”, Ram Phal added.

Prem Chand Mishra will be produced in the court first thing tomorrow morning for taking him in police remand to extract more details of his wrongdoings in generating black money.