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'Curiosity' in demand already

16, Sep 2012 By varun

NASA’s ambitious rover Curiosity successfully landed on Mars on August 6, 2012. After landing on the ‘Red Planet’, the rover was warmly welcomed by the India TV news reporters. The images taken from the NASA laboratory clearly show a group of people approaching the rover.

At first, the authorities at NASA confused them to be native Martians but it didn’t take them long to decipher the continuous repetition of ‘Ye khabar pehle India TV se hai. Pehli baar apke saamne antariksh me’. The crew has been residing on the hostile planet long before the rover was launched from earth to avoid any competition from other news channels. Now, they are planning to tour the 900 kg robot on the planet.

Meanwhile, down on earth, Mahesh Bhatt has decided to make a film on this topic. The film producer announced another sequel to his recently released Jism 2. At the press conference he told the reporters that he was ‘Inspired by ‘Curiosity’ ‘. Sunny Leone plays the role of an astronaut sent on a mission to find extra-terrestrials. Praising her acting skills, Bhatt was saying, “Sunny has an important part in this film. She explores the planet and gets to ‘interact’ with the aliens”. From reliable sources it is found out that the film is tentatively titled ‘Jism 3: Nasa ka Nasha’